For current customers, the email address used on your original PayPal transaction will be used to contact you.

Generation IV waiting list is full. A customer service representative will be in contact with everyone on the list in the next few coming weeks. Thank you!

Galac-Tac Updates

We have reached out to customers with orders placed up to January 18th. We have had over 200 orders in January alone, but rest assured we are getting to February 2016 very soon.

Some of our customers have not responded to emails about orders. On a majority there was only a "Galac-Tac Deposit" placed not specifying which item and color you wish to have. This adds waiting time on other orders, so please double check the email you used in your original PayPal deposit for an email from Galac-Tac customer service. I will be moving on to January 19th and should have the final orders out by mid next month. We will give up to 3 emails, inquiring about FINAL PAYMENT and other information needed, before starting on the next group. You will not be skipped, but will be placed a couple orders back which will be clarified via email.

For people on the CURRENT WAITING LIST for GEN 4, I will contact everyone as soon as we begin production. We are upgrading our equipment and website so we can accept full payments up front and get orders out a lot sooner than previous waves. Feel free to contact us or read the FAQ page for any other details.

-Corey McCauley
Galac-Tac R&D / Customer Service

Galac-Tac is a culmination of my love for all things science fiction and tactical apparel and armor. My goal was to combine these two passions into a futuristic yet functional battle armor and helmet hybrid.

Thanks go to all of you who have complimented, taken interest in, and shared my work, and those who have purchased Galac-Tac products. Your overwhelming support is the backbone of this project! Thank you.
Sincerely, Ryan B. Flowers

Although I have worked on meeting, and in some cases surpassing field regulations, all use of these items fall directly upon the purchaser or owner.