We are now contacting February's orders. All orders prior to February 2016 have been contacted. If you have a question about your order, or feel you may have been skipped, please send an inquiry through the contact page. Thank you!

For current customers, the email address used on your original PayPal transaction will be used to contact you.

Galac-Tac Updates

Gen 4 Waiting List: If you placed a request to be added to the waiting list via the contact page on this website when it was available, you are on the current list and we will be contacting you in Sept for order information. There will no longer be deposits, only full payments at the time of checkout.

Current Customers: There are still some customers who have not responded about their order. We will be moving to the next customers in line if we do not hear from you. Please check the email you originally used.

New Customers: There will be a waiting list option added to the Contact page soon for you to ask to be added on so we can make sure you can place an order with us. We do not mass produce any of our products, each one is hand made per customer and we limit each run to around 400, so once the next waiting list is full, we will not take new orders on Helmets and Armor sets.

Accessories: The accessories will be available to anyone to order once we begin the Gen 5 orders. There are no price deals when adding gear. We do not currently have a price set on the accessories.

-Thank You,

Galac-Tac is a culmination of my love for all things science fiction and tactical apparel and armor. My goal was to combine these two passions into a futuristic yet functional battle armor and helmet hybrid.

Thanks go to all of you who have complimented, taken interest in, and shared my work, and those who have purchased Galac-Tac products. Your overwhelming support is the backbone of this project! Thank you.
Sincerely, Ryan B. Flowers

Although I have worked on meeting, and in some cases surpassing field regulations, all use of these items fall directly upon the purchaser or owner.